LifeGuard Mia BT4

  • Comfortable and stylish design
  • Can be worn as a pendant around the neck or on the wrist like a watch
  • Is IP57 waterproof, lightweight, and has a long-lasting battery life
  • Help is always just a button touch away, whether the user is inside the home, or outside (Via the SmartMobile App)
  • RF 433 Emergency Protocol which communicates with the SmartHome IPD, SmartHome LGX and SmartHome Mate in-home alarm systems
  • Bluetooth Emergency Pendant reports alarm and GPS location via the LifeGuard SmartMobile app installed on your Android or iOS device when pressed
  • Reliable signal transmission
  • Low battery detection

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Price: $89 $110

The LifeGuard Mia BT4 is only compatible with LifeGuard SmartMobile App for on-the-go and the SmartHome IPD, SmartHome LGX and SmartHome Mate in-home alarm systems.

Product Price: $89.00


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You cannot choose LifeGuard M2M Sim with this variation. Please select Bring Your Own Telstra Sim as sim option.


Small and sleek this stylish wearable is compatible with the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD and can also be used when away from home when paired via Bluetooth with the INS SmartMobile app. Pressing the Mia will trigger an alarm on the SmartHome IP Dialler or mobile phone that has the INS SmartMobile app installed, without the need to touch the devices.
This extra level of protection sends an alarm and GPS location 24/7 to our emergency response centre immediately.
Perfect for those remote workers, lone workers or anyone wanting to have peace of mind that should you feel unsafe or unwell a nurse is only a button-press away.