Peace of Mind in the Event of a Fall

Fall assistance with a push of a button or sensor.

Go about your daily activities with more confidence and less worry, our staff know exactly who requires assistance and will immediately send help.

Our response centre is staffed by highly qualified, experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know of no other company who can make that claim.

How it works

cartoon illustration of a senior couple with the INS LifeGuard SmartHome IP Dialler

In the event of a fall, press the button on your transmitter. The Fall Sensor and the LifeGuard SmartTracker automatically triggers an alarm when a fall is detected.*

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An alarm is sent to a nurse on our emergency response centre, who has access to your personal details and medical history. The nurse will call out to you over a two-way speaker on your emergency unit. * You need not be near the unit to be heard.

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The nurse will assess the situation and send whatever help is required – whether that be contacting a family member, neighbour, friend, or emergency services.

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If the nurse is unable to make voice contact, an ambulance will be dispatched to your location. No matter what the situation, rest assured help is on the way.

* Not all falls can be detected, therefore you should always push the HELP button after a fall if you’re able to.

Fall Alarms and Sensors

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The personal pendant
or wrist transmitter is
compact, compatible and included when you rent the SmartHome IP Dialler immediately sends an alarm to our Emergency Response Centre.

IP Dialler

Includes wrist or pendant transmitter the INS SmartHome IP Dialler is a unique patented system that can put Emergency Response, TeleHealth, Virtual Nurse or GP Consults, Home Automation and more right at your fingertips. Compatible also with LifeGuard Mia BT4. This small and sleek wireless help button gives an extra level of protection when paired with INS SmartMobile app allowing SmartHome ecosystem users on-the-go protection through INS LifeGuard’s 24/7 monitoring inside the home as well as when away from home.

Complimenting the
SmartHome IP Dialler,
assistance can be summoned without delay. Should a fall be detected and there is no sudden movement within 10 seconds after that, an alarm is sent to our Emergency Response Centre, You can also press the button at any time if you need help


Much more than just a modern smart watch, this device is also a personal health care service / medical alarm and even functions as a mobile phone

Just one simple button
allows the user to summon
help whether inside or outside the home. Small and sleek you can wear the LifeGuard Mia BT4 on your wrist or as a pendant around your neck. It is compatible with the in-home monitoring through the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD and on-the-go monitoring through LifeGuard SmartMobile app.


This Mobile Alarm System is known as the SmartTracker 4G. Simply press a button to send an alarm to a nurse in our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. It is a stylish pendant that works using the same cellular phone technology as a mobile phone, but without the complicated features. It also functions as a fall detector, and has a docking station for easy charging

In critical
situations, such as falls, medical
problems or emergencies, users may not be able to reach the call point. With the VR Call Point they have two ways to summon assistance. This is via a large help button that can be pressed to trigger an alarm or advanced speech recognition technology which recognises pre-set vocal commands or keywords to trigger specified actions, such as calling for help. Whichever way it’s triggered, the VR Call Point raises an alarm in INS LifeGuard’s Emergency Response Centre.

SmartMobile App

Download the LifeGuard SmartMobile App and take your alarm with you wherever you go. For a low monitoring fee, pressing the HELP button sends an alarm through to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. The built-in GPS locator ensures that in an emergency our nurses will be able to locate you, speak to you, and send assistance — even if you are not able to respond.
Perfect for remote workers, those feeling unwell or feeling threatened while out and about.

Compatible with our SmartHome IP Dialler these devices are useful in common danger areas where there’s higher risk of slips and falls such as bathrooms, ensuites and bedrooms. They can even be fixed to outdoor patios, etc. They require no electrical wiring and can be installed in minutes

SmartHome LGX
Medical Alarm

The newest addition
to our SmartHome Ecosystem is the LifeGuard SmartHome LGX. This sleek new design incorporates many of the features of our next generation SmartHome IPD in a compact, simple to use system. The SmartHome LGX has advanced telecare features, making it an all-in-one wellness and personal safety solution that helps people live safely and independent.

smarthome-ip-dialler standard-transmitter fall-sensor lifeguard-smartwatch-v2-4g ins-lifeguard-mia-bt4 lifeguard-smarttracker lifeguard-vr-call-point lifeguard-smartmobile-app-only product/call-point-wireless

What they Say

I used the INS emergency call system and within ten minutes of so, the ambulance was at my doorstep and I was treated on the spot and rushed to emergency. The INS nurse called me yesterday to ask how I was. The INS people were excellent, acted very promptly to my call and lived up to our expectation that this is a proper and effective service.


Having the LifeGuard unit brought a lot of comfort and security to both dad and his family. He knew he would always get a comforting voice in response to pressing his buzzer.


We were extremely impressed by the service and very grateful for your care and support each time we contacted you. We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to other family members and friends.


Your phone and wrist button made me feel safe and secure in my own home when through illness I felt very vulnerable. The fact that I knew I only had to press a button to have someone on the other end talk to me and arrange an ambulance allowed me to stay at home for as long as possible.


INS LifeGuard has enabled our parents (88 & 90 years of age) to enjoy many more years in their own home than was ever expected. We as a family had peace of mind that in a medical emergency the necessary procedures were implemented far quicker than we could coordinate.


I remain a committed advocate of INS. Peace of mind is ours because we can trust the INS will be there when we need it. Not many better gifts available for my wife, family, and friends – give me INS.


I’d flipped backward hitting my head. I couldn’t move. I remembered my INS LifeGuard pendant and pressed the button. I instantly heard a voice say ‘Hello Josephine, are you OK?’ Though I was outside he could hear me. He stayed online with me until the ambulance arrived. It was the best piece of technology I could have wished for. I know it works, and I feel safe.


Thank you so very much for all your assistance to me in relation to my father. It is a nice feeling to know that if he requires help at any time he can call INS. Your help has been invaluable. I decided to use INS after ringing many companies and the main reason was your wonderful personalised approach.


I give this company 100% the best equipment my mother has ever had and the call centre are so caring and kind wouldn’t go with any other company, helpful staff and 24-7 care well done INS


I would like to express my gratitude with your company INS Lifeguard. My parents both used your system and when my father suddenly passed away at home my mother pressed her pendant and the nurses at INS called emergency services and kept her calm throughout the whole process. Unfortunately, I had to use my mother’s pendant this year in January when I found my mother had also passed away. INS nurses called emergency services and their promptness allowed the ambos to arrive within minutes. The INS nurses kept in constant contact with me keeping me calm. I cannot thank INS enough and would recommend this system to anyone. Thank you


Wow what an amazing service! When my Grandma fell INS were so kind and caring they even followed up when she was returned home from hospital. I’m very thankful for their services!!


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