LifeGuard SmartMobile (App only)

  • Turns your mobile phone into a Mobile Medical Alarm – just like a standard pendant or wrist transmitter, pressing the HELP button on the LifeGuard SmartMobile sends an alarm to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre
  • TeleHealth/Vital Sign Recording and Monitoring
  • 2-Way Voice (optional Video on Android version) Alarm response by LifeGuard’s Emergency Response Centre
  • Can be used in SmartVillage Wi-Fi enabled Village Sites without need of a SIM
  • Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connectivity
  • GPS Locator – in the event of an emergency our Response Centre nurses are able to locate you and direct Emergency Services to your location
  • Tracking for dementia / Alzheimer’s with alarms sent if wandering
  • Medical information / chat line
  • App usage is reliant on your SIM having mobile data available.

App is Free to Download.

Extra features in the Android App only

  • Geofence alarms – automatically notify contacts if user leaves set areas.
  • Ability to record vital signs and family/carer can monitor OR add our full-featured Professional TeleHealth Service.
  • Concierge Service (optional) — assistance with arranging appointments and booking taxis, electricians, gardeners, handymen, and much more
  • Ability to make audio/video calls to the LifeGuard SmartMobile from the LifeGuard SmartCarer app. (Ability to make audio/video calls to the LifeGuard SmartMobile from Client or Manager’s Portals Coming Soon.)
  • Medication reminders

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Download app for free and try our professional monitoring service free for 2 months

New Clients: After 2 months, monitoring cost is $20/mth $30

Current Clients: After 2 months, monitoring cost is $6/mth $14.95

mia bt4

Mia BT4 Compatible with the SmartMobile App

This small and sleek wearable is compatible with the SmartMobile app.
When paired via Bluetooth, pressing the Mia will trigger an alarm on the mobile phone that has the INS SmartMobile app installed, without the need to touch the mobile phone itself. This extra level of protection sends an alarm and GPS location 24/7 to our emergency response centre immediately.
Perfect for those remote workers, lone workers or anyone wanting to have peace of mind that should you feel unsafe or unwell a nurse is only a button-press away.

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Price: $89 $110

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The LifeGuard SmartMobile lets you take your alarm with you wherever you go. Pressing the HELP button sends an alarm through to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. The built-in GPS locator ensures that in an emergency our nurses will be able to locate you, speak to you, and send assistance — even if you are not able to respond.

Two-way voice communication — so even if you can’t physically answer an incoming call, the LifeGuard SmartMobile app can auto-answer in an emergency so we can still talk to you. With our optional LifeGuard SmartDock it charges wirelessly, and features enhanced audio quality via the microphone and speakers in the dock. The LifeGuard SmartMobile still retains the key benefits of a mobile phone.