Fall Sensor

Falling is the biggest concern for most elderly people. A fall can lead to a decline in a person’s mobility, poor health, and even death. Immediate assistance is of the utmost importance.

The Fall Sensor is designed to detect a fall and summon assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should a fall be detected, and there is no sudden movement within 10 seconds after the fall detection an alarm is sent to our Emergency Response Centre, irrespective of the user activating the alarm.* You can also press the button at any time if you need assistance. A simple fall can have devastating consequences.

This product is compatible with the SmartHome IP Dialler

* Fall Sensors work by detecting a period of acceleration followed by an impact or sudden stop. However, falls don’t always result in a sudden impact, so you should always press the button on your Fall Sensor after experiencing a fall, if you’re able to.

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